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Marks Koi feed starts 2023 with improved recipe, price reduction and additional offers!

In these expensive times, Marks Koi Feed has just been reduced in price!
In the process, the recipe has been improved and Marks Koi Feed has been given new packaging. All variants of Marks Koivoer Multi Season are packed per 4 kilograms and reduced in price from € 44.95 for € 39.95. In addition to the 4.5mm pellet, Marks Koi Feed is now also available in 6.0mm. Both formats are available as floating or sinking koi food. You can more easily order different variants, mix them at home and feed mixed.

Mix & Match Spring offer!

You get 16.6% discount when ordering 3 or more packs of Marks Koi Feed. With your order, you can combine all variants of Marks Koi food and temporarily you will also receive a free feeding bucket. As long as stocks last! For example, 3 bags of Marks Koifood do not cost € 119.85, but only € 99.96!

How was this price reduction achieved?

Global raw material price increases have challenged us to find the best raw materials at the lowest purchase prices. In 2022, we sold more Marks Koifood than ever, so we were able to buy extra large quantities of raw materials at lower purchase prices by the end of 2022. And we pass on that advantage directly to the customer by lowering the selling price from €44.95 to €39.95!

New packaging

We have chosen to pack all variants of Marks Koi food per 4 kg. This makes the packs easy to combine for the Mix & Match action. The packs have also been given a new design with a window, so that the grain is also visible on the outside.

Marks Koi feed bucket!

We have had our own food bucket produced for 4 kg Marks Koi food. In the bucket, you can mix and mix the variants of Marks Koi Feed. For extra feeding convenience, the bucket can be placed next to the pond, while the pellets are well protected from pests, light and moisture.

Improved recipe: more easily digestible protein and vitamins

We re-examined the effect of the ingredients on health and decided to increase the concentration of vitamins to give your koi extra resistance to infectious diseases. With an increase in Tripple 9 fishmeal, the protein percentage has increased from 40% to 42%. The utilisability of the protein has increased from 70% to a whopping 80% by adding more pre-digested fishmeal and squid meal! High protein availability benefits koi growth: fast growth in length, a nicely developed body and a strong skeleton. For minimal risk of fattening, the fat percentage is extra low: only 10%. Koi love protein-rich feed and literally pop up on the revamped recipe. Marks Koi food is further attractive because of its salmon oil coating. Salmon oil contains the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA that are important for healthy joints, nervous system, immune system, skin, kidneys, heart and blood vessels.

All in all, we have once again succeeded in further perfecting Marks Koi Feed at the very best price. An achievement we are proud of and your koi can grow and enjoy all year round!

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