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About us

How did the Dutch brand Marks Koifood come into being?

Marks Koifood originated from my hobby of carp fishing. For a good catch and healthy fish, I started developing feed for angling in 2014. With feed specialists, I developed a recipe for feed high in easily digestible protein and additives for fish health. To keep the price as low as possible, I decided not to do business with middlemen, but directly with the factory. I sold the feed directly to angling clubs, without going through traders. The feed was a great success: the carp grew better and had much better resistance to diseases. It caught on so well that I sold hundreds of tons of feed every year.

This success gave me the idea to also produce top-segment koi feed at the very lowest price. I test the feed daily on my koi imported from Japan. I let young koi grow up in my heated pond and give them Marks Koi Feed every day. The feed proves day after day that Marks Koi food ensures optimal length growth, a well-developed body, more gloss, less shedding, more intense colors and high resistance to diseases. Moreover, koi love the taste of Marks Koi Feed! Marks Koi food is also easy to use, as it can be fed in all seasons (Multi Season).

Who is Mark?

I am one of those lucky people who has made his hobby his job. I got my first fishing rod on my 4th birthday and have never let it go. I find carp beautiful and impressive fish. To catch carp, I used home-made feed, which was cheaper than feed from the angling shop. I gathered all the knowledge about fish food. Carp are best caught with food that tastes good and spreads particles, so that the carp can ‘smell’ the food even from a distance. I discovered that the best raw materials could only be bought from specialized raw material dealers and were affordable when purchased in larger quantities. I discussed this with friends who also made their own fish feed. We decided to jointly buy these raw materials and have the feed made at a factory. This way, we could experiment with the best raw materials and made a top-notch recipe for the lowest price
Over Ons - Wie is Mark

Mark's passion for carp

Over Ons - Gek op vissen
I have been to many countries of the world to fish for special fish species. Every year I plan an adventure fishing holiday and fish for marlin in Cape Verde, for example. In Europe, I prefer to fish for carp. I find carp very beautiful and impressive animals. If I catch a nice carp, I take a picture of it. If, on returning to the same fishing water, I catch the same carp again, I take another photo. With the old and new photo, I could see the growth and development the carp had gone through in the interim.Over the years, I saw how nature, fish diseases and fish food affect the color, weight and condition of fish. Diseases can turn carp grey in color, cause scarring and lead to mortality. The quality of fish feed determines how quickly fish diseases are warded off and the fish recover. Furthermore, feed determines the fish’s growth in length and width, the intensity of its color and the luster of its scales.

High-quality koi and Japanese gardens

As a child, I was fascinated by Japanese ornamental carp because of their brilliant colors, patterns and affectionate behavior. In 2011, I bought my first house for sale and created a Japanese-style show pond. A koi shop owner asked me along for an adventure trip around the world to Japan to pick out high-quality koi (‘HQ koi’) for my pond myself.

In 2014, I set up my own koi shop. Every year, I go to Japan to select HQ koi to participate in koi shows. I also buy HQ koi with a specific color and pattern on behalf of customers. I organize trips to Japan for customers, to select HQ koi from koi breeders myself and enjoy Japanese culture. Click here for my range of HQ koi and to book a world adventure trip to Japan.

From 2018, customers are asking me to build a Japanese garden and pond for them.  Click here for my offer in Japanese garden construction.

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Healthy fish with high-quality food

With proper pond technology, water management and feeding regime, I was able to control fish diseases in my koi. Customers who bought koi from me asked to improve the technique and water quality of their pond. Contacts from the angling industry also asked for advice on keeping the carp healthy. Click here for more info on my advice for fish health and pond technique.

In angling, people usually fed carp with low-quality feed, making them susceptible to fish diseases. From 2014, I took the initiative to produce and sell healthy feed for angling at a low price. This became a great success: the carp in sport fishing ponds grew faster and were more resistant to fish disease. This got me thinking about developing koi feed with the best value for money. I succeeded because I don’t have to calculate an unnecessary margin in the sales price, as I don’t use middlemen. Click here for more info on the health benefits of Marks Koi Feed for your koi.

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