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Marks Japanese garden & pond

Mark takes care of the construction of Japanese (Show) gardens from start to finish

Mark has built his own pond to catch imported (young) koi and let them grow. The pond is equipped with an extensive filter system and surrounded by a beautiful Japanese-style garden. The garden radiates peace and space due to the harmonious, asymmetrical design with a depth effect. Customers who visit this garden ask Mark to also create a garden with a pond for them.

Your own Japanese garden as an extension of your home

Your garden is what you can see as an extension of your home. With the increasingly warmer summers, the chance that you can sit in your garden for a long time is much greater. It would therefore be nice if you could sit in a beautiful looking Japanese garden, overlooking your Koi pond where the most beautiful fish, specially chosen by you, swim around.

If this is a dream of yours, Mark can mean something to you. Mark has now created several Japanese gardens with koi ponds for lovers of koi. Maybe your garden?

Koivijver - Marks Koivoer

Specialists in the field of Japanese (Show) gardens

Thanks to our years of experience in the construction and maintenance of your Japanese garden, we stand behind our statement that we are specialists. In addition to our many years of experience and knowledge, we work together with various specialist parties to achieve the desired result.

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Some examples of completed projects

Japanse Tuinen - Stenen en begroeiing
Japanse Tuinen - Vijvers tot en in uw huis
Japanse Tuinen - Totale rust
Japanse Tuinen - Rotspartijen

The dream of a garden

The dream of a Japanese garden can apply to everyone, but the construction and realization of such a garden is not for everyone. We work in the design and construction of a Japanese garden in different phases. These phases make getting a dream garden more accessible to a wider audience.

Every garden has different wishes: Large rocks, beautiful bridge over a natural koi pond. Each part can be a phase. Each phase is realized and completed. With possible breaks in between, the next phases are tackled. This way your garden will be built into the Paradise you dream of. With the goal of a dream that eventually becomes reality.

Interested in a conversation?
Request this via the form at the bottom of this page

Our method

After you have contacted us, a telephone consultation will follow. In it we will discuss your wishes, possibilities and goals. With mutual approval, we will then arrive at your home on an agreed date to view the garden, discuss the wishes and discuss and write out the phases. Such an exploratory meeting on location takes a few hours, you will have to take that into account.

If the plan is clear and insightful, we will make a drawing of what the garden will look like. We always charge a fixed rate of € 1000 for this first part of the process.

We can only determine the costs of the subsequent steps of creating your dream garden once we know what will happen. This depends on your wishes, the size of your garden and what can and may be done in this garden.

It is clear, however, at the final start of the construction of your garden, what the costs will be per phase.

This gives you insight into what you need to take into account and we will then ensure that the garden becomes a pearl for the eye.

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