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Multi Season

What makes top segment Marks Koi Food so healthy for koi?

We are not sitting still with the development of our koi food. With the steep price increases of raw materials worldwide, it is good that we cooperate with several suppliers from all over the world and several factories in Europe. This is how we keep quality high and prices low. In our search for raw materials by the end of 2022, we improved the recipe as follows:

  • The concentration of vitamins has been increased, allowing your koi to be even more resistant to infectious diseases.
  • The protein content has been increased from 40% to 42%, while the utilisability of protein has increased from 70% to 80%! We have achieved this through increased use of Tripple 9 fishmeal, pre-digested fishmeal and the protein-rich squid meal. These proteins benefit length and body growth. Furthermore, koi find a high protein content irresistibly tasty!
  • The fat percentage has been reduced to 10%, further reducing the risk of fattening.

Furthermore, Marks Koi food is characterized by:

  • Shield: this addition stimulates the mucous membrane so that parasites are repelled by the fish’s mucous membrane.
  • Means of binding feces. The feces are encapsulated so that they do not dissolve in the water, but can be sucked up in their entirety by the filter. This reduces algae growth and thus ensures beautifully clear water.

What makes our food even better?

Marks Koi food test panel

Koi are my great love and have built myself a Japanese garden with a heated koi pond. During my travels in Japan, I buy high-quality koi aged 1 or 2 years, which I let grow on in my pond. I feed my koi several times a day. I can experience the positive effect of my koi food on a daily basis. When I put 1-year-old koi (40 to 45 cm in size) in my pond in April, most of them grow to a length of 56 to 65 cm in 6 months! The colors are intense and the scales shine beautifully. The fish are lively and resistant to fish diseases. It is a daily pleasure to see the koi eagerly eating floating and sinking Marks Koi food.

What else is in our Multi Season food?

Analytical constituents of our floating feed​

Crude protein42,0%
Crude fat10,0%
Crude fiber1,5%
Crude ash7,0%
Nitrogen-free extract29,5%
Sodium 3,4g/kg
Gross energy19,2MJ/kg
Digestible energy17,4MJ/kg
Metabolizable energy15,4MJ/kg

Analytical constituents of our sinking feed

Crude protein43,0%
Crude fat10,0%
Crude fiber1,9%
Crude ash6,5%
Nitrogen-free extract28,6%
Sodium 3,0g/kg
Gross energy19,4MJ/kg
Digestible energy17,5MJ/kg
Metabolizable energy15,5MJ/kg

What else is in our Multi Season food?


Cereals and their derivatives – Fish and other aquatic animals and their derivatives – Oil seeds, oil fruits and their derivatives – Minerals and their derivatives – Products and by-products obtained from fermentation using micro-organisms, inactivated so that no live micro-organisms are left – Tubers and roots and their derivatives.



Vitamin E-RRR-alfatocoferylacetaat (3a700)400mg/kg
Vitamin D3 (3a671)3000IE/kg
Vitamin A (3a672a)45000IE/kg
Vitamin C (3a312)600mg/kg

Trace elements

Copper(II) sulfate, pentahydrate - Copper (3b405)5mg/kg
Iron(II)sulfate, monohydrate - Iron(3b103)200mg/kg
Zinc Sulphate, Monohydrate - Zinc (3b605)100 mg/kg
Manganese(II)sulfate, monohydrate - Manganese (3b503)30mg/kg
Sodium Selenite - Selenium(3b801)0,5mg/kg


Citric acid (1a330)50mg/kg


Butylhydroxytoluene (E321)62,5mg/kg
Propyl gallate (E310)50mg/kg
Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (1b306(i))25mg/kg


Contains dyes authorized in the EU


Bentonite (1m558i)10000mg/kg

How to use our food?

Store Marks Koi food cool and dry, preferably in a sealed bucket. Less oxygen can then reach the feed, to the benefit of the vitamins’ shelf life.

You calculate the daily quantity of koi food on the basis of the percentage of body weight of koi in your pond and the water temperature. In the table you can see what weight percentage of koi food you feed, at what water temperature.

Example of calculating the daily quantity of koi food:
If the water temperature is 14 °C and you have 10 kg of koi in your pond, the daily quantity of koi food is:
10.0 kg koi x 1 % = 100 grams of koi food.

Water temperature in °CAmount of koi food in %*
< 5.00
5.1 - 10.00.5
10.1 - 15.01.0
15.1 - 20.01.5
20.1 - 28.02.0
> 28.1maximum 1.0

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