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Marks HQ koi offer

Importer of HQ koi from Japan since 2014

Every year I go to Japan to select High Quality koi (HQ koi) for my own pond and HQ koi for my participation in koi shows.

In Japan, I also select koi to order, for customers looking for HQ koi with a specific colour and pattern. You can also come along on one of our trips to Japan, to select your own koi and enjoy the Japanese culture.

On an ongoing basis, I have about 50 HQ koi in various price ranges swimming around in my 66,000-litre show pond. You are welcome to view the range of HQ koi in my pond by appointment.
On my website Natsukoi you will find the range of HQ koi and information about the trips to Japan I organise.

On my website Natsukoi you will find the range of HQ

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Koi Collection from Natsukoi​

Health care for koi and carp

Mark has also developed in the field of health care for koi and carp. Mark looks at any parasites on the fish skin, tests water quality, checks pond technology and gives advice to improve fish health.

For more information on caring for your koi check out our website Carp Care.

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