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Marks Koi food

Marks Koi Food Multi Season 4.5 mm – Floating

Marks Koi Food Multi Season 4.5 mm – Floating

Visible results due to excellent composition

  • Fast length growth and well-developed body
  • By far the tastiest pellet according to our koi
  • Thicker slime layer that protects against diseases
  • More intense colours and shiny skin
  • Less fattening
  • 4 kg seal bag with 4.5 mm floating pellet
  • Shelf life: until April 2027


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Standard (< 12 kg)1 - 2 39.95
Mix & Match all pellets (> 12 kg)3 + 33.32
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Marks Koi food Multi Season 4.5 mm – floating, ensures much healthier fish

The effect on the fish is considerable, I will list the amazing results Marks Koi food has on the health of your koi. Nice and clear:

  • Shield: mucous membrane optimisation for shiny scales and extra protection against parasites.
  • Algae-based fat: sustainably produced and 100 % free of PCBs, mercury and dioxin.
  • Yeast-based intestinal health support: binding of bacterial toxins and additional strengthening of the immune system.
  • Addition to bind koi faeces: less pollution of pond water, beneficial for stable water values.
  • The best fishmeal with the highest content of easily digestible protein: Tripple 9, pre-digested fishmeal and squid. These protein sources ensure optimal growth (length and body), a good appetite and active swimming behaviour.
  • High krill content: natural raw material for intense skin and scale colours.

I stand behind my products

There is no other koi food available that does so much good, especially at this price. I dare put my hand in the fire for that. I see it every day when I look at my own fish.

Floating and other size than 4.5 mm

Besides these 4.5 mm floating pellets, we also have 6 mm and sinking varieties available. All these koi food variants can be mixed & matched to create the perfect composition to your own liking. The more you order, the more benefit you have. The discount is automatically calculated in your shopping cart.

Weight4 kg
Shelf life

36 months




4.5 mm




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